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Aratos HLS

Effective, integral, cost-efficiently and innovative technologies

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Satelite Applications- Pipeline Surveillance System

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UAS Unmanned Aircraft Systems

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Fiber Optical Sensor Technology - Smart UGV - Ground Surveillance Vehicle - AudoSpy Automatic Face Recognition and Identification - Command and Control

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  1. Aratos HLS offers effective, integral, cost-efficiently and innovative technologies.

  2. Aratos HLS utilizes enhanced Satellite Applications for its Monitoring and Surveillance Solutions from space.

  3. Aratos HLS utilizes high technology UAS Unmanned Aircraft Systems for its Monitoring and Surveillance Solutions from air.

  4. Aratos HLS utilizes Fiber Optical Sensor Technology - Smart UGV - Ground Surveillance Vehicles - Automatic Face Recognition and Identification Solutions – Full Command and Control Systems for its Monitoring and Surveillance Solutions from ground and underground.

Pipeline Surveillance System

Pipeline Surveillance System

Critical infrastructures (free-standing) like pipelines (oil, gas, slurry, water) that extend hundreds of kilometers through the countries are unprotected easily vulnerable against vandalism and sabotage. Their protection is of massive importance.

Total Security Process Re-engineering

Total Security Process Re-engineering (TSPR)

Aratos TSPR Methodology assesment and audit (Assets/Threats/
Vulnerabiility Analysis) applies simultaneously in three sectors of a security system: Infrastructure, Information Technologies and Human Resources, thus of holistic security solutions.


Aratos RPAS

Aratos designs, integrates and offers a variety of sophisticated surveillance solutions based on Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems for many international enterprises and organisations, offering more capabilities, better performance, lower cost and more respect to the environment.

Foldable Solar Panel

Foldable Solar Panel / Tracking Device

Aratos Smart Military Solutions: a light weighted foldable solar panel for powering/recharging military electronic equipment out in the field and also a GPS tracking device easily embedded inside whatever military equipment or load.

Aratos Maritime Security Services

Aratos Maritime Security Services

The increasing maritime security incidents enforce the need for professional security services like Aratos Maritime Monitoring Platform capable of surveying multiple spatiotemporal scales ranging from open seas to near coastal waters.

ARATOS Homeland Security, member of Aratos Group, offers unique Satellite applications, customized UAS Unmanned Aircraft Systems and most modern Ground Technologies (UGV Unmanned Ground Vehicles, Fiber Optical Solutions, Ground Surveillance Radar, Automatic Face Recognition and Identification) for whatever Critical Infrastructures surveillance and protection.

Aratos Homeland Security provides high quality solutions to Critical Infrastructures monitoring and protection (like oil, gas pipelines etc.), to maritime monitoring, etc. using the best equipment and technologies available worldwide.

Aratos Homeland Security utilizes the unique Aratos TSPR Methodology for security systems’ assessment and audit (Assets/Threats/Vulnerability Analysis) that applies simultaneously in all three sectors of a security system: Infrastructure, Information Technologies and Human Resources.

With our solutions for Homeland Security you are moving well prepared into a secured future.

Effectively, integral, cost-efficiently and with most innovative technologies to react on threats.

Homeland Security must have the highest priority in each country!


Athens Authentic Marathon - Aratos HLS Support


Aratos Group updates the Total Security Process Re-engineering (TSPR)

After some years of successful implementation of the Aratos TSPR methodology, we considered that it's time to move further with it, to update it in relation for all our newest technological improvements, like A.I., enabled digital twins and Blockchain.

More news soon to come.


Updated functionalities to Aratos pipeline protection solution

Aratos Group presents the new updated description of Aratos pipeline protection solution towards a holistic protection of a pipeline complex with all available high technology means.

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“Should I initiate an evacuation and how long do I have to evacuate safely?”

Aratos Systems participates in the 9th National Delta Conference,01st of November 2018

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Aratos Systems - New Addition to Aratos Group

ARATOS Group acquired a new presence in the Netherlands with the new company of the Group, ARATOS SYSTEMS. The expansion in the Netherlands constitutes an ARATOS Group’s strategic move with the creation of the company ARATOS SYSTEMS ( The new member of Aratos Group will move further focusing in the field of Space and Homeland Security.


New international strategic collaboration

Aratos is proud to announce a new strategic collaboration which enhances the communications infrastructure modules of our Pipeline Security solution and the applicable Aratos developed TSPR (Total Security Process Reengineering) methodology with TSAT.

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Aratos Homeland Security - Newsletter December 2015

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New Generation Pipeline Protection

Aratos integrates holistically a new generation for Pipeline Portection. For more information contact with us.


Aratos Homeland Security - Newsletter September 2015

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Aratos Homeland Security - Newsletter August 2015

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Aratos Maritime Satellite Security Services

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Aratos Homeland Security - Newsletter July 2015

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Aratos Homeland Security - Newsletter June 2015

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AratosHLS Global Operations Announced

One more successful implementation of Total Security Process Re-engineering (T.S.P.R.) method in Indian private sector.

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