ARATOS Homeland Security, member of Aratos Group, offers unique Satellite applications, customized UAS Unmanned Aircraft Systems and most modern Ground Technologies (UGV Unmanned Ground Vehicles, Fiber Optical Solutions, Ground Surveillance Radar, Automatic Face Recognition and Identification) for whatever Critical Infrastructures surveillance and protection.

Aratos Homeland Security provides high quality solutions to Critical Infrastructures monitoring and protection (like oil, gas pipelines etc.), to maritime monitoring, etc. using the best equipment and technologies available worldwide.

Aratos Homeland Security utilizes the unique Aratos TSPR Methodology for security systems’ assessment and audit (Assets/Threats/Vulnerability Analysis) that applies simultaneously in all three sectors of a security system: Infrastructure, Information Technologies and Human Resources.

With our solutions for Homeland Security you are moving well prepared into a secured future.

Effectively, integral, cost-efficiently and with most innovative technologies to react on threats.

Homeland Security must have the highest priority in each country!


Pipeline Surveillance System

Total Security Process Re-engineering (TSPR)

Aratos RPAS

Foldable Solar Panel / Tracking Device

Aratos Maritime Security Services