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The Aratos Pipeline Surveillance System interconnects "AS ONE" in one layer communications & operations for non - integrated and non - compatible security services from other sectors managed by Aratos Group like: Space, Air, Ground, Underground. This is an ultimate "All in one" Security Platform.

Aratos offers unique security services such as:

*Space Sector, offering unique Satellite applications

*Air Sector, providing customized Unmanned Aircraft Systems

*Ground Sector, with the most modern Ground Technologies

*Underground Sector, based on Fiber Optics Solutions



Aratos Pipeline Surveillance System uses:
* Intelligent software platform for indexing and retrieval information
* High-Resolution Satellite data and processing of satellite images
* UAS Unmanned Aircraft Systems for real time monitoring of the pipeline system at close range



Aratos Pipeline Surveillance System offers:
* GIS system for the visualization of the pipeline systems
* UAS Unmanned Aircraft Systems for real-time monitoring
* Near real-time satellite images
* Intelligent software platform for indexing and retrieval information
* Early Warning Alerts
* Detection of damages
* Monitoring of earthquake activity
* Capability of following the intruders by the UAV

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